00. Welcome

Welcome to my site. My name is Dave. I'm a graphic-designer-turned-home-business-owner from Chicago, Illinois. I run a home business called David Hurd Media LLC. I buy and sell premade digital information products. I also review affiliate marketing programs.

My mission to help home business owners get more sales online so they can create the time freedom they truly deserve by sharing the businesses models that work, and avoid the ones that don't.

Before reviewing this program.. there are a few key concepts you should to be aware of in advance.


01. What is 'Affiliate Marketing?'

Affiliate Marketing simply means we as home business owners or 'freelance advertisers' get paid to promote other people's products. Aside from Taxes, Advertising is the single biggest expense for most companies. Paying for advertising on traditional media outlets such as television, radio, newspaper, billboards etc can be quite costly for companies.

Affiliate Marketing is much more affordable, practical and powerful for companies. It costs them less in advertising to generate more in revenue than traditional advertising models. So, what does "Affiliate Marketing" mean? "We make commissions to promote other company's products."


02. What is 'PLR? (Private Label Rights)'


​​​​​​​Everyone knows what the legal term 'copyright' means. It means that the copyright holder owns the rights to the content, and can give usage permission and receive financial compensation for the copywritten property. Everyone knows what copyright is, but fewer people know that there are other legal licensing terms.

One of those terms is called "Private Label Rights." "Private Label Rights" content, is content that is made with the intention and legal permision of being resold by the buyer.

Another license similar to Private Label Rights content include Master Resale Rights.

In the case of digital content, this means that fullfilment is made once the PLR product is downloaded. In most cases, due to the nature of the product being digital, traditional refunds are usually not applicable to PLR content so PLR customers are encouraged to only purchase PLR content that they feel is valuable. This is good for consumers because they know in advance not to buy something with the intention of returning it. And this is good for owners because it allows them to be paid instantly, and know that all sales are final. So what is "PLR Private Label Rights content?" It is content that is made to be resold.


03. What is 98 Unlimited?


98 Unlimited is a digital training course, with a monthly membership. It teaches marketers how to get more traffic to their home business. The products of 98 Unlimited are digital books  that contain original and up to date content for 2021 and beyond, and these exclusive training products are original and valuable.

98 Unlimited also has a member to member monthly affiliate program that pays $98 per sale.

The system was created in July of 2020 by Frank & Laura Vingiano. Frank & Laura spent 20 years in the network marketing industry creating successful teams in various MLM businesses.

All that changed when a company they were promoting suddenly closed its doors and they lost thousands of dollars in monthly revenue.


04. Is 98 Unlimited Legit?

Yes. 98 Unlimited has an awesome set of Private Label Rights training products that teaches internet marketers and home business owners how to get more traffic to their business.

The products are high quality products that you can't get anywhere else.

98 Unlimited is an education marketing advertising & sales platform, with digitial products. 

Optionally, 98 Unlimited has an affiliate program. You are not required to participate in the affiliate program to get value from the products of 98 unlimited. 98 Unlimited is not a multi-level marketing platform. The 98 Unlimited education platform only has 1 tier. No levels. Just customers and products.

Frank & Laura made sure to exclude the multilevel marketing business model from 98 unlimited because they were also troubled by the attrition rate in network marketing and team members not doing as well as they were.

Instead, they wanted to create their own program. One that was not mlm and allowed everyone to be on a level playing field regardless of previous marketing experience.

Thus, 98 Unlimited was born. A 1 tier system where you can get paid residually through the member to member affiliate program. This is optional, and not required to get value from the 98 Unlimited Products.

Anyone can start today and make more than the person before them. This puts you in control of your own income. This is an excellent way to create recurring, reliable, residual income because the affiliate program pays residual commissions each month.



05. What are the products?

The products inside 98 Unlimited are exclusive digital marketing education products that you can't find anywhere else because they are exclusive to 98 unlimited.

Product #1 - The Digital Marketing Tool.

A 21-page A to Z guide that walks you through step by step on how to start earning recurring income online. It has all the tips and techniques you need to have success with 98 Unlimited.

​​​​​​​Other product examples include:

Product #2 - Get Traffic It's The Only Thing That Matters

Product #3 - Procrastination Killer

Product #4 - Digital Marketing Tool

Product #5 - Simple Traffic Solutions Clear Understandable Easy

Product #6 - How to Build A Huge Mailing List As Soon As Possible

Product #7 - 30 Ways To Promote Your Business

More product examples will be listed here as I gain access to them.

New products are released on a monthly basis each month.



06. How do you get paid?

98 Unlimited is accepted by a number of payment processors including.





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SREG Digital River​​​​​​​



07. How do you get referrals/customers?

After you join 98 Unlimited, if you wish to participate in the affiliate program there are a number of active and passive marketing strategies to generate commissions to your 98 Unlimited capture page. The idea is to get qualified traffic to your capture page using a variety of proven

marketing methods - postcards, soloads, dropcards, video and more. a complete blueprint is included with step-by-step instructions with resources. If you join 98 Unlimited using my affiliate link, I will share all of the strategies that work for me with you for free.

If someone decides to join 98 Unlimited using your affiliate link, you will earn a 1 time $98 commission. If that member decides to remain a member, you will earn a $98 per month commission for the life of the customer.

At the time of this writing, on average team members are enrolling as many as 5 new team members per week. And currently 94 out of 100 team members stay.


08. What do you get for $98?


When you become a member of 98 Unlimited, here is what you will get:

A two-page website ready to accept $98-dollar residual payments

A capture page

A sales page.

Tracking software

A Customer Resource Manager listing all your members contacts.

A built in autoresponder with a pre-written follow-up email series.



09. What are Your team bonuses?

#1. Joining with my team, David Hurd, aka "Team Hurd" also comes with exclusive benefits you can't get anywhere else.

The Number #1 Reason you should join with my Team "Team Hurd" is that I will provide traffic to your 98 Unlimited Capture Page & Affiliate Link for 1 Full year at no extra cost to you for free. This will include at least 100 visitors per month for 12 months. This massive bonus is almost better than 'free money'..because, if any of the visitors I send to your affiliate link remain subscribing members, you could make residual income every single month. This bonus is designed to help offset your investment & help you break even. This bonus alone may also help you make residual recurring monthly profits. 

Note: More bonuses will be added for my team members as they become available. but this bonus is limited to the first 1,000 members only. I have an email list of more than 1 million qualified people and I would like to share my results, resources & referrals with my team members. 


10. What I Like

I really like the fact that 98 Unlimited was developed by a husband and wife team of marketing professionals that saw a real need in the marketplace for high-quality, affordable online marketing education.

I really like the fact that this business opportunity is available world wide through payment processors like bitcoin and coinpayments.

I also appreciate the products. The fact that the content of the products focus on the number one skill to be successful online: which is lead generation. ( see the book called "Get Traffic It's the Only Thing That Matters" )

I also like the fact that 98 Unlimited is not MLM. It is simply a 1 tier affiliate program. Just simple digital products and online customers. This is very low commitment.

I also like the price point of 98 Unlimited. At just under $100, the investment is small enough for people to get started and have success. With just 1 single sale, your membership is offset 100%. With 2 sales, you may be in profit for the life of the member.


11. What I Don't Like

I wish this program was available when I started online marketing about 3 years ago. It would have saved me alot of time and I would have gained alot of freedom. 

Most 'sponsors' if you can call them that, don't take the proper time to educate their team members. After you join with them, they're unreachable and you're on your own. Despite all the proof that 98 Unlimited is a legitimate business model, some people will assume this is 'MLM', or some kind of scam immediately, and bad mouth or reject this company without ever giving it a fair chance. Everything is not a scam. 98 Unlimited is a platform with digital training products teaching lead generation, affiliate marketing, advertising & sales. And how to sell these digital products to real customers and create your own legitimate business and income. 98 Unlimited is 100% Legimiate and Compliant.


12. Final Thoughts

Why do so many people fail? There are a number of reasons. Many people join with poor sponsors who do not properly train or explain how to duplicate their success in detail. The super successful sponsors simply don't have time to check on the 'little guy' or the 'newbie.' 

Alternatively, the new person doesn't have the financial means in most cases to hire a proper coach as they should. I would like to change the industry in this way, and solve both of these main problems.

I have prepared a free video training called: How To Succeed Online with 98 Unlimited. It explains in detail what you should do on a daily basis to succeed, and in it I share with you the number 1 reason you should join 98 Unlimited with me and my team Team Hurd: because I will provide free traffic to your affiliate link and free training every month that you decide to stay a member of Team Hurd through the 98 Unlimited platform. If you're interested in watching this free video, please sign up below. 


This video may be removed at any time, and my bonuses may expire at any time. To lock in your spot, watch the free video now and take action as soon as possible. Thanks for reading my review.



Thanks for reading. My name is David Hurd from www.davidhurdmedia.com. I'm a graphic-designer-turned-internet-home-business-owner from Chicago, Illinois. I run a home business called David Hurd Media LLC. I review affiliate marketing programs.

My mission is to help home business owners get more sales online and create the time freedom they deserve. If you would like to contact me to join my team or contact me for customer support you can reach me at my contact information below.


Site: www.davidhurdmedia.com

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When I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Web Design & Multimedia from an unaccredited 'university' in 2009, I had no idea how much money could be made online.

My goal with this blog is to help home business owners find traffic sources for their home business and help them create more time freedom.



This blog does contain affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission if you decide to purchase traffic or upgrades at any of these traffic sites.

Rest assured, this does not affect your purchase in any way. It’s just how traffic sites reward their members for sharing their sites. I really appreciate your support by using my affiliate links!




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